How do I change a Calendar Based PM to an On Demand PM?

Two of the most used Scheduling types for PM Master Jobs in SOMAX are Calendar and On Demand.  Calendar based PM Master Job IDs can be changed to an On Demand by following the instructions below.

If you need to add a new On Demand Group, see Editing Lookup List

    1.  Click| Preventive Maintenance | Search

         The Preventive Maintenance Search Page will appear

    2.  Click the Master Job ID you want to change

    3.  Select On Demand from the Schedule Type drop-down list

    4.  Click Save

         The Schedule Record(s) for the Master Job ID will change

    5.  Click Edit on the Schedule Record

         The Schedule Records form will appear

    6.  Select an On Demand Group from the drop-down menu

    7.  Click Save

For more information on Preventive Maintenance Master Jobs and Scheduling Records, see Adding PM Master and PM Scheduling Records.