Overview of Sanitation Module

Sanitation is an integral part of any Food and Beverage business.  SOMAX has embraced this by providing a single integrated solution for Maintenance and Sanitation.  The collaboration between your Maintenance and Sanitation Departments can help increase productivity by lowering equipment downtime and improving product quality.  Another value of SOMAX Sanitation is the ability to create standards that can be applied to similar equipment types making it easier to maintain your Master Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures (MSSOP).  Role-Based Workbenches streamline the normal daily processes with easy to use interfaces to Approve, Complete and Verify Sanitation Jobs. Verification of Sanitation Jobs closes the loop for a QA Managers ensuring that your Sanitation Department is following procedures outlined by Management.

Collaboration: Sanitation and Maintenance working as One Team

Collaboration is best seen with the ability for Sanitation to submit Work Requests to correct equipment issues and Maintenance to submit Sanitation Requests to address food safety issues.  These requests can be submitted with the SOMAX Mobile App or through the Web application.  Both departments are working together to inspect and clean your production equipment increasing the ability to maintain a clean, safe and efficient production facility.

Master Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures (MSSOP)

Creating MSSOPs ensure that all jobs are being performed in the same manner using the same instruction. Writing MSSOPs for similar equipment is easy by copying the Job from one piece of equipment to another.  You can also use our Procedures Module to create Standard On Demand Procedures that can be used to create Sanitations Jobs quickly and easily.

Role-Based Workbenches

People in your Sanitation Department have a specific role, each with duties and responsibilities. SOMAX has built several workbenches to help streamline those duties.  Our Approval Workbench allows Managers to review incoming Sanitation Requests and either approve or deny those requests.  Approved jobs can assign and schedule directly from the workbench.  The Completion Workbench is designed for Sanitors to complete their work throughout the day.  The Verification Workbench closes the loop with Supervisors verifying a job was done correctly.

Sanitation Verification

Verifying that work has been done correctly is essential to maintain a sanitary production facility.  Completed Sanitation Jobs are verified on a Pass/Fail basis.  Failed Sanitation Jobs will create a new Sanitation Job Request that should be assigned and scheduled to correct any items that did not pass on the first Sanitation Job.