Even if you have bars saying you are connected to Wifi does not mean that the bandwidth at that moment is able to transfer your data to and from your mobile device.

Try another application that uses the internet, if this application will not connect then your local WiFi may not be connecting to the internet. Think of your WiFi as a small road that leads to a major highway. If you do not have a connection to the major highway you can not get on it even though you are on the small road.

Restarting the mobile device to completely close out all apps usually corrects the issue.  If you are using an iPad, hold the top button on the top right of the tablet and the home button on the middle front of the tablet at the same time until the apple icon appears in the middle of the screen. Once the mobile device restarts, wait a few moments to let the Wifi get connected fully then try logging into SOMAX.

If restarting your mobile device does not get you connected try turning on the Airplane mode, this will clear some of the connections to default and allow you to make a fresh connection. After you have left Airplane mode on for a few minutes turn Airplane mode back off and make your WiFi connection.