Sanitation Completion Workbench

This article will familiarize the user with the available options using the Sanitation Completion Work Bench which is used to add labor, complete or cancel tasks, reopen a closed sanitation job, enter duration, create a work request, cancel a sanitation job, complete a sanitation job or Add a new job.


     1.  Click  to open the main site map

     2.  Click Jobs under the Sanitation Heading

     3.  Click Completion Workbench

     4.  Select a Date from the Sanitation Workbench 

     5.  Use the Filter to select the individual or shift to find the work to be completed

     6.  Then select the Sanitation Job to complete- click on it to open it


To enter Labor records other than the Individual the Sanitation Job is scheduled to -

     1.  Click the Labor button

     2.  Click Add

     3.  Select a Personnel ID from the look up on the Add New Time Card Record screen

     4.  Click  and select date the labor was performed

     5.  Enter the actual Hours worked 

     6.  Click Add

To complete or cancel tasks for the Sanitation Job -

     1.  Click the Tasks button

     2.  Select the appropriate Tasks by using the Checkbox to the left of the Task ID number

     3.  After selecting the Tasks scroll down and select Complete or Cancel

     4.  Repeat steps 2 and 3 until all Tasks are either completed or cancelled.

To add a Work Request for Maintenance -

     1.  Click the Work Request button

     2.  Type in the Description if it is different than the Description that carried over from the Sanitation Job 

     3.  Clickto open the Equipment lookup list

     4.  Select a Work Request Type

     5.  Click OK

          The system will add the work request and return the user to the Sanitation Workbench main screen

To add a new Sanitation Job

     1.  Click Add Job

     3.  Click Describe What You Need or Use On-Demand-Procedure

     4.  Click  to open Charge to look up

     5.  Select Charge To from Plant Location Equipment Tree Look Up 

     6.  Click Select

     7.  Type in Description for the Sanitation Job if you are using Describe What You Need

     8.   If using On-Demand-Procedure the system will populate the Description

     9.  Enter the necessary information in all fields

   10.  Click Add

          The Sanitation Job Detail page will open (with correct Security Profile).

To print the Sanitation Job

     1.  Click the Print button

     2.  The system will display the Print 

     3.  Select the appropriate printer to print to

     4.  Select Print

To cancel the Sanitation Job

     1.  Click the Cancel button

     2.  Select a Reason from the lookup list on the Cancel Sanitation Job screen

     3.  Type in any comments pertaining to the Cancelling of the Sanitation Job

     4.  Click OK

To complete the Sanitation Job 

     1.  Enter the Actual Duration in Hours that the Assigned User worked on the Sanitation Job

     2.  Enter  Comments - this is mandatory 

     3.  Click Complete button

To re-open a closed Sanitation Job 

     1.  From the Sanitation Workbench locate the Completed Sanitation Job

     2.  Open the Sanitation Job display

     3.  Click the RE-OPEN button

     4.  Click OK