The Work Order Backlog Report can be customized and then memorized to be used any time.

Follow these steps to customize the report to show only Scheduled Work Orders.

    1.  Click Site Map | Reports

    2.  Click the + next to Work Orders 

    3.  Click on Work Order Backlog List

    4.  Click Customize

    5.  Modify the Report Name

    6.  Click Sorting/Grouping    

    7.  Select Backlog Days from the Sort By dropdown list

    8.  Select Descending from the Sort Order dropdown list

    9.  Click Column Selection          

    10. Select the columns to appear on the report

         The default columns are:  Work Order ID, Charge To, Charge To Name, Description, Status, Scheduled, Backlog Days          

    11. Click Filter

    12. Click Add Criteria

    13. Set Advance Filter to And + Status + Equal To + Scheduled


    14. Click Memorize

         The report will run and it will be in your Memorized Folder on the Report Main Page.