SOMAX uses the information from Crafts to calculate costs associated with the maintenance of your assets. Therefore, it is imperative that all Crafts include an hourly rate.  The hourly rate can be a loaded rate including any other costs to the company like benefits and insurance.  Or the rate can an average cost for all users with that Craft.  You may want to check with your HR or Accounting Department to verify what rates should be used.

Editing Crafts

Perform the following steps to add, edit, delete, or inactivate a Craft:

Adding a New Craft

To add a Craft

    1.  Click | Crafts

    2.  Click New to add a Craft

    3.  Type in the Craft ID

    4.  Type in a Description 

    5.  Type in a Rate

    6.  Select Active from the dropdown list

    7.  Click Save

Editing a Craft

To Edit an existing Craft

1.  Click Edit

2.  Make the necessary changes

3.  Click Save

Deleting a Craft

To Delete a Craft

    1.  Click Delete

    2.  Click OK to verify deleting the Craft

Inactivating a Craft

Inactivating a Craft will remove it from the dropdown list but the Craft will be retained for use in the future.

To Inactivate a Craft

    1.  Click Edit

    2.  Select Inactive from the dropdown list

    3.  Click Save