Editing Lookup List

This section will walk you through the process of editing Lookup List tables. These tables are normally accessed from detail pages throughout the system as dropdown lists.  Dropdown lists appear as blank fields with an arrow at the end of the field.Clicking on the arrow will open the dropdown list so you can select from the active values on the Lookup List. 

Be advised that Lookup List Changes are done at the Client level and will affect all sites.

Editing Lookup lists

Perform the following steps to edit Lookup Lists:

    1.  Click| Lookup Lists 

    2. Select the Lookup List you want to edit from the Description dropdown list

    3.  Click New to add a new value to the Lookup List

    4.  Click Edit to edit an existing value in the Lookup List

    5.  Click Delete to remove a value from the Lookup List

    6.  Click Update to save your changes

Inactivating Values

Inactivating a value will remove the value from the dropdown list but retain the information on the list if you want to reactivate the value at a later date.

Perform the following steps to inactivate a value:

    1.  Click Edit 

    2.  Change Inactive to True

    3.  Click Update

    The inactive values will not appear on the dropdown list.