This section will walk you through the steps to edit existing Security Profiles in SOMAX.  For clients with multiple sites, be advised that Security Setting Changes are done at the Client level and will affect all sites.

Editing Security Profiles

Perform the following steps to Edit Security Profiles:

    1.  Click| Security Profiles

    2.  Select a Profile from the Drop-down Menu

    3.  Select a Module or Function by clicking thebox

    4.  Click Save

The top section of Security Profiles deals with the Modules in SOMAX. Users are allowed access by placing a Check in each of the checkboxes listed: Access/View (the ability to see but not modify), Create (the ability to add records), Edit (the ability to change records) or Delete (the ability to remove records).

The bottom section of Security Profiles deals with Functions or Processes that are available within the system. Some of these functions include: Creating Work Orders, Approving Purchase Orders, or Generating PM Work Orders.