Adding you On-Demand Maintenance Procedures

Follow these steps to successfully add your On-Demand Maintenance Procedures

    Note: You will have to be set as a System Admin to perform the following functions

    1.  Click

    2.  From the drop down Select Libraries | Maintenance - On Demand

    3.  Click  and Click Add


    4.  Give your Master Job and On-Demand ID (This ID should follow the same rules that apply to all other IDs in SOMAX)

    5.  Give your Master Job a Description

    6.  Give your Master Job a Type from the drop down menu

    7.  Click Add, the Master Job Detail Page will appear 

    8.  Click New under the Tasks Accordion to start adding tasks

    9.  Enter the Order Number

  10.  Enter the Description of the task you are creating

  11.  Click Update

You will continue to add tasks until your entire Master Job has been created. Once all of the Tasks have been entered, you have successfully created an On-Demand Maintenance Procedure.