Force Complete a Purchase Order

A Purchase Order may need to be Force Completed for reasons like, the parts are no longer needed, or the Vendor cannot supply the parts.

Follow these steps to Force Complete a Purchase Order.

    1.  Click | Purchasing | Search

         The Purchase Order Search Page will appear.

    2.  Click on the Purchase Order to Force Complete

    3.  Click Options and select Force Complete from the drop-down list

         The Force Complete acknowledgement Pop-up will appear

    4.  Click OK to Continue


The status of the Purchase Order will change to Complete.  The Order Qty will be set to the amount that has already been received for any open or partial line items. In the below example no receipts had been made on Line 2 so the Order Qty was set to 0 and the Purchase Order Completed. The Status of the Purchase Order is now set to Complete.  All Completed Purchase Orders are visible when selecting Complete as a value on the Primary Search Filter on the Purchase Order Search Page