Mobile Completing Sanitation Job

Perform the following steps to complete a Sanitation Job from the SOMAX Mobile Application

  1.  From the Menu Tap | Sanitation | Completion Workbench
  2.  Tap a Sanitation Job to Open it
  3.  Tap the Tools Tab to review the Tools required for this Job
  4.  Tap the Chemicals Tab to review the list of Chemicals and instructions for this Job
  5.  Tap the Labor Tab to add Labor for yourself and additional individuals helping
  6.  Tap the Task Tab to Complete or Cancel a Task
  7.  Tap the Job Tab to enter completion information
    • The first editable field is Complete All Tasks checkbox - defaulted in a Checked condition. If any Task were Canceled this must be unchecked
    • Tap Actual Duration and enter the time it took to complete the Job
    • Tap Comments and enter comments if desired
  8.  Tap Completed
  9.  The Food Safety Conditions Message will be displayed
  10.  Select Yes if the conditions have been met and the Job will be Completed
  11.  Select No if the conditions have not been met and the Job will remain open until you can select Yes