Mobile Sanitation Verification Workbench

Perform the following steps to Verify a completed Sanitation Job as Passed or Failed

 From the Sanitation Verification Workbench list view screen

    1.  Tap on the desired Sanitation Job you wish to Verify

         The Detail page will be displayed you can 

    2.  Tap to view the Task or Labor tab information

    3.  To Pass or Fail the Sanitation Job Tap on the Pass or Fail Buttons

    4.  To Pass a Sanitation Job Tap the Pass Button

         The Passed Sanitation Job will disappear from the Verification Workbench

    5.  To Fail a Sanitation Job Tap the Fail Button

    6.  Choose a Reason Failed from the drop-down list

    7.  Enter a comment in the Comments field

    8.  Tap Fail

      The Failed Sanitation Job will disappear from the Verification Workbench and create a 

      new Sanitation Request to re-clean the Failed Sanitation Job

    9. The newly created Sanitation Request can be Approved and Scheduled from the Sanitation Approval Workbench  in the SOMAX Web Application  

Note: For instructions see: Sanitation Approval Workbench

Searching by Job Status

To view the Failed or Passed Sanitation Jobs use the Grid Sort on Sanitation Job Search Grid