Mobile Adding Maintenance Work Request

Perform the following steps to add a Maintenance Work Request from the SOMAX Mobile Application

  1.  From the Sanitation Completion Workbench list view screen the following Add functions are available
    • Add Sanitation Request
    • Add Sanitation Job
    • Add Maintenance Work Request
  2.  TapTap on Add Maintenance Work Request
  3.  Tap Description field using the keypad describe the work to be performed
  4.  Tap Charge Type select Equipment
  5.  Select the Charge To by TappingCharge To | Look up, scanning a Q/R code or typing in the Equipment Id       
    • Note: When using the Look up once the correct Charge To is located, Tap the box to the right of the selection Tap  Apply
  6. Tap Type Find the desired Type in the list and Tap on your selection
  7. Tap Add Maintenance Work Request 
  8.  SOMAX adds the Maintenance Work Request and displays a message: 
    •  "Maintenance Work Request XXXXXXXX successfully added"
  9. Tap OK