Building your Tree Lookup using Children and Parent IDs

To successfully build your tree lookup, you will first have to add in your equipment. You will also need to add in Functional Locations or Areas in which the different pieces of equipment might be located. These Functional Locations and Areas will act as your original Parent IDs and are basically another "piece of equipment' with a type of Location or Area. Some examples being Line 1, Line 2, Buildings and Grounds, etc. All building of the Equipment tree must be done at the Parent level. To add Equipment please see Adding Equipment. Once you have done this follow the steps below to build your tree. 

 Adding Children

    1.  Click| Equipment

    2.  Choose the piece of equipment that is going to be your Parent ID 

    3.  Scroll down to the Children Accordion on Equipment detail page

    4.  Click Select Children

         Note: Only the equipment that have not yet been assigned a parent will show up in this list.


    5.  Check the box for any children you wish to place under this parent

    6.  Click Add Children

If you need to switch a parent for a piece of equipment, follow the steps below.

Removing Children

    1.  Choose the original Parent from the Equipment Search Grid

    2.  Scroll down to the Children Accordion


    3.  Find the Child ID you wish to remove

    4.  Click Remove

    5.  Confirm Delete Pop-up; Click OK

You will now find that piece of equipment in the open list of children by following the Add Children steps.