Scheduling Using SOMAX Scheduling Calendar 

This section will demonstrate labor scheduling utilizing the Scheduling Calendar.

The default view for the Scheduling Calendar will be the current Month. Select Day or Week to view dates.  The date range selected will appear at the top center of the page.

To access the Scheduling Calendar

    1.  Click | Scheduling | Scheduling Calendar

         The Scheduling Calendar will open

    2.  Select a Mechanic from the drop-down list

Scheduling approved work orders using date Schedule Work Order Popup

    1.  Double clicking on any date box or Today line which is highlighted blue will display the Schedule Work Order 


    2.  Click on Schedule Work Order button

         Schedule Work Order Popup will appear

    3.  Click

    4.  Select the Approved work orders to be scheduled

    5.  Enter a Duration (in hours)

    6.  Click Add

         The system will display the work order on the appropriate date

Optional - Drag and Drop Approved Work Orders

    1.  Click the Hand Symbol and drag the Work Order to new schedule date

    2.  Release the Work Order

         The system will move the Approve work order to the proper date 

Editing Schedule date and Duration - for scheduled  work orders

    1.  Right click on the Work Order ID

    2.  Select Edit 

    3.  Click

    4.  Select the new Schedule Date 

    5.  Update Duration (in hours)

    6.  Click Save 

         System will move the work order to the new schedule date

Viewing Work Order details on Schedule Calendar

    1.  Right click on the Work Order ID

    2.  Click Edit 

    3.  The Edit box will display the work order Description

    4.  Click Cancel to return to the Schedule Calendar