Adding On Demand Schedule Based PM Record

Perform the following steps to add an On Demand based Schedule Record to a PM Master Job:

NOTE: This can only be done on a PM Master Job with a Schedule Type of On Demand

    1.  Click| Preventive Maintenance | Search

    2.  Select the PM Master Job ID from the Search Grid

    3.  Click Add in the Schedule Record Accordion

    4.  Select a Charge Type from the Charge Type dropdown list

    5.  Select a Charge To by clickingor  and selecting a record

    6.  Select an On Demand Group from the On Demand Group dropdown list

Optional - Work Order Defaults

    7.  Select a Personnel from the Assign To dropdown list

    8.  Select a Priority from the Priority dropdown list 

    9.  Select a Work Order Type from the Type dropdown list

  10.  Select a Shift from the Shift dropdown list 

  11.  Click Save to update the PM Master