Editing Completed Work Order Records Using Mobile Device 

Perform the following steps to Edit Time card records, Part issues, Tasks or Downtime records on work orders that have been completed using the SOMAX Mobile Application

    1.  Tap from the Work Order list display

    2.  Tap Scheduled and Completed 

    3.  Tap the Work Order to open it for Edit

    4.  For Parts Issues or Returns Tap on the Parts Tab then follow instructions: Issue Parts to a Work Order   

    5.  For Labor record Add or Delete Tap on the Labor Tab then follow instructions: Adding Labor records to a Work Order

    6.  Tap the Downtime button on the Work Order Tab then follow instructions: Adding Downtime Records to a Work Order 

    7.  To Complete or Cancel tasks Tap on Tasks Tab then follow instructions: Complete - Cancel Tasks on Work Orders

    8.  When done Editing a completed Work Order SOMAX recommends that the user tap

    9.  Tap Scheduled to return to the active work order list

         NOTE: The Complete and Cancel buttons, and all fields on 

         the Work Order Tab are inactive on Completed work orders