SOMAX Mobile Adding Part Records 

Perform the following steps to add Part records using the SOMAX Mobile Application

    1.  Tap Parts List or from an open Part Detail Record

    2.  Tap Add Part 


    3.  If a picture is required Tap theAdd Picture Icon

    4.  Tap Camera and use the mobile device camera, 

         NOTE: SOMAX recommends that the picture shows part details and manufacturer identification if possible.

    5.  Type in a Part ID using the keypad following the SOMAX Part ID rules at: Adding Parts Rules

    6.  Type in a Description 

    7.  Select an Issue Unit 

    8.  Enter the On Hand quantity

    9.  Enter the Cost

  10.  Tap on the Add New button

  11.  System will display Part added successfully 

  12.  Tap OK