Adding Equipment Using a Mobile Device

Perform the following steps to add Equipment records using the SOMAX Mobile Application

    1.  From the Equipment list or an open Equipment record Tap Add Icon

    2.  Tap Add Equipment


    3.  Tap Add Picture

         NOTE: If a picture is not needed skip steps 3, 4, 5 and 6

    4.  Tap Camera

    5.  Using the mobile device camera take a picture of the Equipment

    6.  Tap Use Photo or Retake

    7.  Tap the Type field and select the Equipment Type from the dropdown list 

    8.  Enter the Equipment Name 

         NOTE: This is what you call the Equipment

    9.  Enter Make

         NOTE: This is the manufacturer of the Equipment

  10.  Enter Model

  11.  Enter Serial Number

  12.  Enter Location

  13.  Tap Add New

  14.  SOMAX will display the message Equipment added successfully

  15.  Tap OK

    NOTE: SOMAX will assign an Equipment ID using two criteria - Equipment Type and next sequential number 

         To change an Equipment ID see: Changing an Equipment ID