Setting up Rules for Parts Physical Inventory Rules

This section will describe the process required to insure that Parts Physical Inventory and Parts Physical Inventory will function properly in SOMAX web application.

    1.  When entering new part ID records in SOMAX a Count Frequency must be

         entered. The Count Frequency is in days, it is recommended to be > 30 and < 366.

    2.  The Count Frequency will determine when the Parts Physical Inventory or Parts Physical Inventory By Location 

         reports will identify and schedule an inventory of the part.

    3.  A date must be shown in the Last Counted field.

    4.  At minimum the Section field cannot be blank, additional Row, Shelf and Bin information may be entered. 

         This information along with the Last Counted date, will insure that the Parts Physical Inventory by Location 

         report will function properly.

    5,  By completing these two functions on each part record will insure that the Physical Inventory and Physical

         Inventory by Location reports will function properly and the user will be able to design the necessary reports utilizing