Issue | Return Parts to a Work Order

Perform the following steps to Issue or Return Parts on a Work Order from the SOMAX Mobile Application

Issue Parts   

    1.  Tap a Work Order to open it

    2.  Tap the Parts Tab

    3.  Tap Issue


    4.  The user has two options -  Tap on the bar code to scan the Part or Manually type in the Part ID

    5.  Enter the Quantity to be issued

    6.  Tap Issue

    7.  The Parts issued successfully message will be displayed - Tap OK

 Return Parts 

    1.  After issuing Parts, the Return button becomes active 

    2.  To Return the quantity issued

    2.  Tap the Checkbox to the left of the part to Return

    3.  Tap Return

    4.  Parts returned successfully message will be displayed 

    5.  Tap OK