Mobile Adding Work Requests and Work Orders

Perform the following steps to add a Work Request or Work Order from the SOMAX Mobile Application

From the Work Order list view screen the following Add functions are available

    1.  Tap

    2.  Tap on the desired selection

  • Add Work Request - Work requiring approval, materials or follow up at a later date 
  • Add Work Order - Work that is approved but requires management follow up and scheduling at a later date
  • Add Unplanned Work Order - Work that is being performed and requires documentation  

    3.  Tap  Tap Camera 

    4.  Using the mobile device camera take a picture of the work to be performed.

    5.  Tap Description field using the keypad describe the work to be performed

    6.  Charge Type - The system will default to Equipment if you are adding a Work Order or Unplanned Work Order, but if you are adding a Work Request you must select from the dropdown list either Equipment or Location 

    7.  Select the Charge To either by scanning a Q/R code or TapCharge To | Look up 

         Note: Once the correct Charge to is located, Tap the box to the right of the selection

    8.  Tap  Apply

    9.  Select the Work Order Type from the dropdown list

  10.  Tap Add Work Order 

  11.  SOMAX adds the Work Request or Work Order and displays a message: 

         "Work Request or Work Order XXXXXXXX successfully added"

  12.  Tap OK

         NOTE: Unplanned Work Orders will be immediately visible on the device and assigned to the current user

    Work Orders will not be visible on the mobile device until they have been scheduled and assigned

    Work Requests will be visible on the mobile device under Work Request until their status changes