Purchase Order Receipts 

Follow these steps to receive stock and non-stock parts on a purchase order

    1.  Click| Purchasing | Receipts

    2.  Use the Search Grid to find the desired Purchase Order and Click the Purchase Order ID 


    3.  Clickfor the parts you wish to receive and Click Accept Selected

         Note: If all Parts for the PO have arrived, you may just Click Accept All. This will populate the total order quantity into the Qty Received column for every part on the PO. If not every part has arrived for each line item, you may adjust the Qty Received by using the up and down arrows in the Green Qty Received box.

    4,  Click Receive


    5.  You will receive a message informing you of how many line items have been received 

         Note: If there are any Items to Issue, this means one of the line items you have received is a Non-Stock part. This part is not going into your inventory, but is being automatically charged to either an account, piece of equipment or a work order that was designated at the PO level.

    6.  Click OK


    7.  Scroll right on the Receipt Detail screen to find the remaining columns 

         Note: You will see the Qty to Date for each line item, what the status of each line is (Open, Partial, Complete), and if there are any parts Back Ordered for each line.

Optional - Printing Part Labels

You may Print Part Labels for the stock parts you have receive by doing the following

    1.  Scroll right on the Receipt Detail Page

    2.  Click Print for the desired part

    3.  Choose either Small or Large QR Code from the drop down and Click Print

    4.  Enter the number of copies you wish to print

    5.  Click Print

You have now successfully received parts and printed labels for you Purchase Order