Delete/Inactivate an Equipment ID

Equipment that does not have any history may be deleted from the system.  If history does exist, then the equipment can be inactivated.  Inactivated Equipment will not appear in the Tree Lookup or Equipment Search pop-up.  

Example: Inactivated Equipment can not be selected when writing a Work Request.

Perform the following steps to Delete an Equipment ID

    1.  Click| Equipment

    2.  Select an Equipment ID from the Equipment Search page

         The Equipment Detail page will appear

    3.  Click Options | Delete

         The Confirm Delete pop-up will appear

    4.  Click Delete

         Equipment with no history will be deleted and you will be returned to the Equipment Search page

         If History does exist you will receive the following message:


Click OK to Inactivate the Equipment ID

Inactivate an Equipment ID

On the Equipment Detail page

    1.  CheckInactive

    2.  Click Save to inactivate the Equipment ID