Customize Work Order with Labor Costs Report - Grouping

The Work Order with Labor Costs Report is a customizable report that many Maintenance manager like to use to view Work Order Labor costs during a specific time period.  The report can be grouped to show costs by several different fields but in this example we will use Work Order Account. 

Perform the following steps to customize the Work Order with Labor Costs report

    1.  Click Site Map | Reports

    2.  Click the + next to Work Orders 

    3.  Click on Work Orders with Labor Costs

    4.  Click Customize

    5.  Click Sorting/Grouping

    6.  Sort by WO Account

    7.  Check Is Grouped

    8.  Click Column Selection

    9.  Select the columns to appear on the report     

         We selected: WO Work Order ID, WO Description, TC Personnel ID, TC Date, TC Labor Hours, TC Cost

    10. Click Filter

    11. Select WO Complete Date from the Date Dropdown list

    12. Default Range is Last Month     

    13. Click Run Report

The report should returned the work orders completed last month grouped by WO Account number.