Print Part Labels

The Print Part Labels feature will allow you to select and print labels for multiple parts.  You can use the search grid to assemble a list of parts to print.

Perform the following steps to Print Part Labels.

    1.  Click| Parts | Print Part Labels

    2.  Select by checkingthe Parts 

         Use the Text Search Fields and Filters to build a list.  This works well for printing labels for Parts in specific areas of your storeroom.

    3.  Click Print Labels

         The Select Print Label pop-up will appear

    4.  Select the Label size for the Lookup List

    5.  Click Print

         The Print Preview Screen will appear

    6.  Select your Destination - Label Printer (if not set as default)

    7.  Enter the number of Copies to print

    8.  Click Print

         You will be returned to the Print Part Labels page after the labels have printed

Below are samples for what the Large QR Code Part Label will look like when printed with a Dymo LabelWriter 450.