Creating a Purchase Order for Stock and Non-Stock Parts

Follow these steps to successfully create a purchase order for stock and non-stock parts.

    1.  Click| Purchase Order

    2.  From Add New Purchase Order Screen Clickto select the Vendor

    3.  Fill in the Attention To and Click Add


    4.  Make desired changes to populated fields (Buyer, FOB, Terms) if it is needed

    5.  Enter a Carrier, Reason or Message to Vendor (All of these fields are Optional)

Stock Parts Order


    1.  From the Line Items bar Click Add

    2.  Click Find Part in Inventory

    3.  Use the Search Fields under the Part Id and Description column headers to find your parts

    4.  Clickto select the parts you want to order

    5.  Click Select

    6.  Enter the desired quantity to order for each part

    7.  Click Process

Non-Stock Parts Order

    1.  From the Line Items bar Click Add

    2.  Click Part not in Inventory - Describe What you Need


    3.  Enter a Description for the part you are ordering

    4.  Enter an Order Quantity

    5.  Use the drop down list to choose your Unit of Measure

    6.  Enter a Unit Cost (not required)

    7.  Click the Charge Type field and choose your charge type from the drop down list

    8.  Enter your Charge To, or Clickto provide a search for finding the desired Charge to

    9.  Click in the Account field and choose the desired Account from the drop down list (not required)

   10. Click Add

You should now have successfully created a new purchase order, and added stock or non-stock parts.