Customize a Report

Many List reports in SOMAX can be customized to suit your needs.  We will allow a user to change the sorting or grouping, select columns, set date filters, and adjust the header/footer on the report.

The information that can be modified on a customizable report is separated on five tabs on the Modify Report Configuration pop-up.


General Tab

The Report Name, Report Title and Description can be modified

  • The Report Name and Description appear on the Reports page under Memorized Reports
  • The Report Title appears on the report itself

Sorting/Grouping Tab

The report can be sorted or grouped by selecting the field from the dropdown list.   The options for fields is limited by the data table in the report.

  • The report can be sorting by three fields in Ascending or Descending order
  • The report can be grouped by the first sort field by checking the Is Grouped

Column Selection Tab

You may select the columns that appear on the report and the order than they are presented.  The columns that are available are limited by the data table in the report.

  • All Columns that are available will be listed in the box on the left titled Available
  • Columns can be added to the report bythe column and Click Add
  • Columns moved to the Chosen box on the right will appear on the report
  • Columns can be removed from the report by the column and Click Remove

Filter Tab

Standard and Advanced filters are available on most customizable reports.

  • Standard Filters can be set by selecting a date and a range from the dropdown lists
  • A Custom date range will need a Start Date and End Date
  • Advanced Filters can be added by Clicking Add Criteria

Perform the following steps to Customize a Report.

    1.  Click | Reports

    2.  Click the + next to the module 

    3.  Click on the report Name

    4.  Click Customize

         The Modify Report Configuration pop-up will appear

    5.  Make your modifications to the Report

    6.  Click Run Report

         The Customized Report will appear


    6.  Click Memorize

         A pop-up will appear asking if you would like to make the report public to other users to run and view

    a.  Click Yes to make the the Customized Report Public


    b.  Click No and the customized report can only be viewed by you

         The Customized Report will appear