Recently Accessed, Memorized, and Public Folders

The Report Main Page is organized by Folders with your Recently Accessed at the top of the page followed by Memorized, Public, and Module Folders.

Recently Accesses

This folder will show last five standard SOMAX reports you access.


If you chose to Memorize a report after it has been customized, that report will be saved under Memorized. 

For more information on Customizing Reports, click here.


Memorized Reports can be shared with other full users in SOMAX

To make a Memorized Report Public

    1.  Click Memorize

         A pop-up will appearing asking if you would like to make the report public to others

    2.  Click Yes

         The report will appear in your Memorized folder and be available to other users in their Public folder

Module Folders

Each Module has a folder with both standard and customizable reports. These reports can not be moved or deleted from these folders.