Add an Attachment

Electronic files may be attached to records in SOMAX, it is recommended that these files be in an uneditable format such as PDF or JPEG.

Attachments can be added to: Equipment, Parts, Work Orders, PM Masters, Accounts, Vendors, Purchase Orders

Perform the following steps to add an Attachment

    1.  Click File Attachment

    2.  Click Add

    3.  Enter the Subject

    4.  Browse to find the File to attach

    5.  Select the file from the file search pop-up

    6.  Click Open

         The file will appear in the File Name field

    7.  Click Add

    8.  Click OK when SOMAX notifies that the file has been successfully uploaded

         The file will appear in the File Attachment accordion

To view the Attachment

    1.  Click on the File Name

         The file will be downloaded

    2.  Open the Downloaded File

To Delete an Attachment

    1.  Click Delete

    2.  Click OK

         The Attachment will be deleted