Adding Tasks to a Preventive Maintenance Master Job

Perform the following steps to add a task to a PM Master Job:

    1.  Click| Preventive Maintenance | Search

         This will open the PM Master Search Grid

    2.  Click on the Master Job ID

         The PM Master Job Detail page will appear

    3.  Click Tasks to open the accordion

    4.  Click Add

         The Tasks Detail window will appear

    5.  Enter the Description of the task to be done

         This is the only required field

    6.  Select a Charge Type from the Charge Type dropdown list

    7.  Clickto select the Charge To

    8.  Click Save to add the new task

Additional Tasks can be added by Clicking Add and following the steps 5 through 8 above.

Editing Tasks

Perform the following steps to edit existing tasks:

    1.  Click Edit

    2.  Make the necessary changes to the Tasks fields

    3.  Click Save

Deleting Tasks

Perform the following steps to delete a task

    1.  Click Delete

    2.  Click OK to confirm deleting the task