Adding an On Demand PM Master Job

Perform the following steps to creating a new On-Demand PM Master Job

    1.  Click| Preventive Maintenance | Search

    2.  Click Options | Add

         The Create Preventive Maintenance Master Form will appear

    3.  Enter an unique alphanumeric identifier for the Master Job ID

    4.  Select On Demand from the Schedule Type dropdown list

    5.  Enter a Description of the PM Master On Demand Job

    6.  Enter an estimated time for the Job Duration

    7.  Click Add

         The Preventive Maintenance Detail Page will appear

Adding a Schedule Record to an On Demand PM Master Job

    1.  Click Schedule Records 

    2.  Click Add

         The Schedule Records form will appear

    3.  Select a Charge Type from the Charge Type dropdown list

    4.  Select a Charge To by clickingor  and selecting a record

    5.  Select an On Demand Group from the On Demand Group dropdown list

         On Demand Group may be edited by an Administrator, see Editing Lookup List.

         To assign this PM Work Order to a specific Mechanic complete the information in Work Order Defaults 

    6.  Select a Personnel from the Assign To dropdown list

    7.  Select a Priority from the Priority dropdown list 

    8.  Select a Work Order Type from the Type dropdown list

    9.  Click Save to update the PM Master