Adding Calendar Schedule records to a PM Master Job

Perform the following steps to add a Calendar Schedule Record to a PM Master Job:

    1.  Click| Preventive Maintenance | Search

    2.  Select the PM Master Job ID from the Search Grid

    3.  Click Schedule Records

         The Schedule Records Detail will open

    4.  Click Add

    5.  Select a Charge Type from the Charge Type dropdown list

    6.  Select a Charge To by clickingor  and selecting a record

    7.  Select a Schedule method from the Schedule Method dropdown list

    8.  Select a Frequency Type from the Frequency Type dropdown list 

    9.  Enter a Frequency in Perform Every

         For Days enter the number of days

         For Months-Date or Months-DOW enter the number of months

    10. Click and Select the Next Due date

         To assign this PM Work Order to a specific Mechanic complete the information in Work Order Defaults 

    11. Select a Personnel from the Assign To dropdown list

    12. Select a Priority from the Priority dropdown list 

    13. Select a Work Order Type from the Type dropdown list

    14. Select a Shift from the Shift dropdown list

    15. Click Save to update the PM Master with the new PM Schedule Record

For more information on scheduling PM Masters check out Adding Meter Based Schedule Records.