Editing a Vendor's Information

Perform the following steps to edit a Vendor's information.

    1.  Click| Vendors

    2.  Select a Vendor from the Vendor Search page

    The Vendor's detail page will open.  

    You may edit the fields by typing in new information or selecting a value from the dropdown list.  To Edit the 

    values in the Lookup Lists, see Editing Lookup Lists.

    Click Save to save your changes.

Adding Business and Remit To Addresses

Perform the following steps to add or edit the addresses

    1.  Click Addresses

    2.  Enter the Business Address

    3.  Enter the Remit To Address

         If the Remit To is the same, check Use Business

    4.  Click Save

Options Menu

If you like to change the Vendor ID:

    1.  Click Options | Change Vendor ID

    2.  Type in the new Vendor ID

    3.  Click Save