Adding an Invoice to Perform Three-way Match

SOMAX can help perform a Three-way Match by comparing the Purchase Order, PO Receipts, and Invoice issued by the Vendor.  If all three parts match then the Invoice can be Authorized to Pay.

Perform the following steps to add a new invoice:

    1.  Click| Invoice Match

    2.  Type in the Invoice number 

    3.  This will be the Vendor's invoice number

    4.  Clickand select the Receipt Date

    5.  Clicknext to the Vendor field and select the correct Vendor

    6.  Click Add

    The invoice will be added to the system and the Invoice screen will be displayed.  Now you can add the details from the invoice.

    1.  Clicknext to the Purchase Order field and select the Purchase Order

    2.  Clicknext to the Due Date field and select the appropriate due date

         This should match the due date on the invoice

    3.  Type in any Tax and/or shipping Amount shown on the invoice

    4.  Type in the Invoice amount in Total Input

    4.  Click Save

    Once the Invoice information is added you can add receipts to the Invoice.

    1.  Click on the Select Receipts

         Only open receipts that match the Purchase Order number will appear in the search screen

    2.  Clickbox to the left of the line items to select items billed on the invoice

    3.  Click Add Receipts

    SOMAX will calculate any variances on the costs of the items ordered on the Purchase Order.