Schedule Approved Work Orders

Perform the following steps to schedule Work Orders to a selected user for a selected calendar date:

1.  Click | Scheduling | Labor Scheduling 

2.  The Scheduled Start is defaulted to the today; clickto select another date

NOTE: The selected date cannot be prior to today

3.  Select a user from the Personnel dropdown list

4.  Click Build 

The system will displaywhen there is nothing scheduled for the user on the selected date

5.  Click Available Work

A new window will be displayed with a list of available work orders

6.  Select work orders by clicking thebox 

7.  When finished selecting work orders, click Add 

8.  Close the Available Work Orders window by clicking

The selected Work Orders will now be listed for the selected user for the selected calendar date.


Optional - Enter Estimated Duration

You can adjust the estimated duration of the job by performing the following steps:

1.  Click the Hours column for a work order

2.  Enter the number of hours

3.  Press the tab key, or click elsewhere on the page to save the changes

The estimated total scheduled hours for that day is shown in the Hours field as highlighted below: