Approving Work Requests

Follow the steps below to approve or deny work requests through the Approval Workbench

    1.  Click | Work Order | Approval Workbench

    2.  Click in the Status field and choose Show All

    3.  Click thenext to the Work Request you wish to Approve or Deny

    4.  Click  Approve or Deny

         NOTE: If denying a work request you will have to choose a Reason Denied.

The Work Request has been converted to a Work Order, and can be found under the Work Order Search.

Optional - Approving, Assigning and Scheduling Work From Approval Workbench

You can assign a Work Request while approving by following these steps

    1.  Click in Work Assigned column and choose a mechanic

    2.  Click in Shift column to set the shift 

    3.  Click in Scheduled Date column to choose the start date

    4.  Click in Scheduled Duration column to set the estimated duration  

         Note: In order for the Work Order to be successfully Approved, Assigned and Scheduled you must fill in the

    Work Assigned, Scheduled Date and Scheduled Duration fields        


    5.  Click Approve