Adding a new User

Perform the following steps to add a new user:

    1.  Click| User Management

    2.  From the User Search screen, Click | Add New

    3.  Type in the User Name 

         This must be unique identifier, such as an e-mail address

    4.  Type the User's information 

         Including a temporary security question and answer

    5.  Select a type from the User Type dropdown list

         Full - Complete access to system within the limits if the Security Profile

         Reference - No access to system

         Work Request - Add and track Work Requests within the system

    6.  Select a profile from the Security Profile dropdown list

         See Editing Security Profiles for more information

    7.  Click box Is Active

         This will activate the User ID

    8.  Select a craft from the Crafts dropdown list

         See Editing Crafts for more information

    9.  Select a shift from the Shift dropdown list

         See Editing Lookup Lists for more information

    10. Type in a temporary Password for the User 

         This password can be alphanumeric and is case sensitive 

    11. Click Add