Adding a new Work Order

Perform the following steps to add a new Work Order

    1.  Clickand select Work Order

    2.  Click in the Type field and select your Work Order type 

         Choose the desired type of work order you wish to create. These types are set under in the look up lists while setting up your system.

    3.  Click Charge Type and choose Equipment

    4.  For Charge To, you have two options to find the piece of equipment you are looking for

         The Search Iconwill produce a search screen to help find the Equipment ID you are looking for.

         The Bullet Point Icon  will produce a Tree Look up that you can break down to find the Equipment ID

    5.  Click on the desired Equipment ID to populate the Charge To field

    6.  Type the description of the work that needs to be done

    7.  Click Add New